Published March 11, 2018 by Food Co-op Initiative

Often the criteria for the Local Food Promotion Program (LFPP) grant from the USDA shift a bit from year to year. FCI is always watching for the criteria release around this time so we can read it over and let you all know if start up food co-ops seem to fit the desired program criteria. From our read, they do this year, it’s a GO!

Find the details at the link below and see if this grant might be a good fit for your startup food co-op. In years past for Food Shed Co-op (Mc Henry, IL), Wasatch Cooperative Market (Salt Lake City, UT), and Friends and Farmers Co-op (State College, PA) have all received this grant. Good luck!

For more information about these programs, visit the USDA website’s  AMS Grants & Opportunities web page and learn more about eligibility and grant uses at What AMS Grant is Right for Me?