Published September 30, 2016 by Food Co-op Initiative

In 2016 Green Top Grocery (GTG), a startup in Illinois, ran the highest startup capital campaign to date.

GTG Deep DIve Cap Camp adThrough three webinars and extensive examples, they share their success, planning, and hard work for all members of the retail food co-op startup community. These resources, coupled with the Capital Campaign Workbook, are excellent starting points for any group preparing for a campaign, whether you call it an Owner Loan, Member Loan, or Capital Campaign.

The Green Top Webinars:

The Highest Startup Capital Campaign Yet June 2016  

Owner Loans 101 – A Deep Dive – planning campaign  September 2016

Owner Loans 201 – A Deep Dive – running campaign  September  2016  

gtg-logoThe Green Top Examples:

Owner Loan Campaign Website  pdf
GTG History Brochure pdf page 1
GTG History Brochure pdf page 2
GTG Campaign Caller Job Description pdf
Feasibility pdf part 1
Feasibility pdf part 2
Introductory letter to members pdf
Instructions for potentional lenders form pdf 
Disclosure form pdf
Promissory Note form pdf
Subscription agreement pdf