Published April 11, 2014 by Food Co-op Initiative

There are an incredible number of email marketing tips available on the web. A quick Google search will yield you reams of analysis on everything from what to say in your subject line to what kind of links to provide. To pare this information down to a manageable size, we will occasionally feature an email we liked and go over what worked and how it could be even better.

This exemplary email is a post-event thank you note from Renaissance Market in Greensboro, NC. It was addressed to their entire mailing list, not just event attendees. It keeps energy high by sharing a successful event. (Click on image to view full size.)

email with callouts

Things that work

Structure: Clear priority of information: concise enticing subject line, what good thing happened at the beginning in bold, move on to quick wrap up, clear call to action, join now in different color and with links(!) for those who didn’t attend or didn’t sign up at the event, telling people to tell their friends, closing.

Focus:  It’s focused on one subject, not cluttered with other events or buried in a “newsletter.”

Message: Says thank you more than once. Evokes local pride by naming Greensboro. Signing with Lamar’s name gives it a personal touch.

Branding: Consistent header images for branding.

Length: It’s short. Makes the reader want to open the next email, knowing it won’t take a big commitment.

Ways to make it even better

Pictures: Use an exciting picture (or two!) of happy people at the event.

More depth: Link to more photos or to a longer story online.

Quotes: Make us wish we were there! Add a quote/testimonial from a new member on why they joined or why the gathering was so great.