FCI’s Startup Map

Look up new retail food co-ops forming in your area, and join them as they grow!

Looking for a coop near you? Check out our Food Co-op Startup Map below:

food co-op mapTo find food co-ops that are already pen, see Directories of Open Co-ops.

At FCI we maintain this map of new retail food co-ops under development in the U.S. Every year we help start-up co-ops across the country and maintain support and track their progress this food coop map represents those that are currently approaching maturity.

Map updated April 12, 2018. Have an addition, update, or correction? Please email us.        

Starting a new food co-op? We want to hear from you and find out how we can help! We have a long list of how-to’s and recorded webinar training sessions on our website. Have a question about organizing? We’re here to help! Someday we hope to add you to our food co-op map soon.
Food Co-op Initiative provides training, guides, networking, and financial assistance to startups in the 140+ communities that are organizing new food co-ops in urban and rural areas.