Published June 10, 2017 by Food Co-op Initiative

Impact coop economy detailAs Food Co-op Initiative passes our 10th anniversary,  we are pleased to present our first Impact Report.  Featuring info on the 130+ new co-ops that opened since our founding, it celebrates the combined impact that these new stores have had on their communities, and the cooperative economy.

Moving into the next ten years, we are working with over 100 new startup food co-ops across the U.S.  Each of these groups is working to meet the specific needs of their community through a cooperatively owned and run grocery store. FCI remains committed to providing excellent, timely, and free resources and consultation to each of these groups as they move through the planning process.

FCI Impact Report 2016Download our 2016 Impact Report to learn more, read what some of these co-ops say about FCI, and see the list of stores opened since FCI started.