Published June 7, 2017 by Food Co-op Initiative

Capital Impact Partners and Blooming Prairie Foundation grants will enable FCI to create new research and pilot projects in low-income urban food deserts.

Capital Impact Partners logoFood Co-op Initiative (FCI)  thanks Capital Impact Partners for awarding us their 2017 Innovation grant, to support our new initiative in urban, low-income areas that have become food deserts. The Blooming Prairie Foundation, a long-time supporter of FCI, has made a generous two-year commitment to support this project. The generous funding provided by these two grants will enable us to make a special round of Seed Grants for startups in under-served communities, and to build a strong support network for organizers sharing the unique challenges these co-ops face.

Blooming Prairie Fndt logoWe expect to make three to four seed grants and build a network of six to eight groups that can share ideas and explore strategies that other startups have used in similar communities. FCI will provide guidance and work with the local co-ops to find community partners and advocates. We will be coordinating our work with community and national organizations that have experience and expertise working in communities of color, with low-income urban groups, and in urban food deserts. As the co-ops move forward, we will monitor their progress and assess which approaches are most consistently successful, so that we can offer better recommendations and develop new resources for future startup co-ops.. The project is expected to continue for at least two to three years as we follow the participating co-ops through to opening and operation.

Requirements and other details for these new Urban Market Initiative Seed Grant applicants will be made available on the FCI  Seed Grant pages as soon as they are available.