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New Co-ops Start Here.
Not without your support.

Donate to FCI and ensure that new community-based food co-ops have the resources and support they need.

At FCI we provide open access to fundamental and advanced resources that help groups get established and incorporated during the early stages of starting a food co-op, putting them on a solid path towards opening a sustainable cooperative grocery store. It’s not possible without support from you.

We have impact.

Every new co-op means more than good food for shoppers. Donate to FCI because new co-ops create jobs in the community and support for local vendors, farmers, and producers. A co-op may offer a great gathering point through a deli, or classrooms for food and community education.

FCI Impact Report 2016

Review our Impact Report, published June 2017.

Your support for Food Co-op Initiative means you support all co-ops!

Individuals own the co-op, and FCI works with them to provide administrative and business development support. These owners work cooperatively to elect a board, set a vision for the startup, and even help decide what type of food will fill the store shelves.

Local ownership. Local control. Building a stronger local economy.

Anyone can shop at a co-op.

But you can help start dozens of new ones by making a donation to Food Co-op Initiative today.

Amazon Smile link boxWith your help we can continue to provide free resources and consultation through every stage of new co-op development, from the kitchen table conversations to the grand opening.

Because New Co-ops Start Here.

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Food Co-op Initiative is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

New Co-ops Start . . . With You

We want to keep our services and resources free and accessible to startup retail food co-ops. If you have benefited from what's offered here, or want to support others, consider a donation in any amount.

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