Published May 19, 2018 by Food Co-op Initiative

CCM CONFERNECE LOGOThe annual Consumer Cooperative Management Association Conference is May 31 – June 2, 2018 in Portland, OR.  This conference s geared towards open co-ops and startups in stage three.  The conference  includes  full days of workshops, keynote speakers, vendor info, and networking time,  and is hosted in  Portland, OR

Startup attendees should be sure to find FCI;s Stuart Reid and Jacqueline Hannah at the event, with pointers one which workshops  are best for their stage, and opportunists to connect  with peers.

From the conference website:

“The grocery industry is changing at a dizzying pace. Between Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods, the invasion of the Lidls and the Aldis, and the adoption of e-commerce, it is hard to keep up. Food co-ops are striving for relevance in an increasingly crowded market. It takes courage to evolve and address the imminent change that is upon us. Our co-ops are a vehicle to achieve democratic communities that build capital, good jobs, farmers, and healthy food access. We must identify the communities that feel excluded from our co-ops and better serve and proactively reach out to embrace new communities and new technologies, while deepening our connection with our members and vendors and preserving our cooperative identity.

“Throughout history, cooperatives across sectors have served as pioneers of change, pooling resources, organizing for their collective good. We, as food co-ops, continue that legacy in our communities . . .”  read more