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RCC grand opening 2016Food Co-op Initiative (FCI) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit created by the greater food c-op community to assist new startup good co-ops across the United States. Our resources, consultation, and services are free. We partner with other organizations to move new co-ops towards opening their own store.

Startup food co-ops come in many forms. We work with people seeking retail storefronts in small rural towns, large urban food deserts, commuter towns and suburbs of every size. Some want all natural foods, others, look for predominantly local. A few just want food—any food other than what the convenience stores offer. They idea of healthier options is defined by the community being served.

membership interest survey template coopLocal ownership. local democratic control—that sets a cooperative grocery store apart from other grocers.  As one of our startups asks their prospective member: “If you owned the grocery store, would you vote to move it out of our neighborhood?” A common thread among these diverse cooperative stores is the desire to serve their community with food, access to food and wellness education, and a place to call their own.

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In our first ten years, FCI contributed to 10 new co-ops being opened, and a high percentage of them remain in business today. 2018 will find us working with over 135 more startup co-ops seeking to build their own cooperative grocery stores.

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