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Capital Campaign Workbook

Click to download: The guide to raising member capital for retail food co-ops. Updated March 5, 2017.  See the Member Equity Toolbox for planning and starting your ownership recruitment.

Green Top Grocery Capital Campaign Case Study

The link to find all three webinars and extensive supporting examples and materials from the highest startup capital campaign we have seen.

Legal Primer

Must read – incorporation, articles and by-laws, membership, equity, liability, patronage,  more.

Capital Campaigns: One Co-op Opts for Direct Public Offering, part 1

From Urban Greens Food Co-opa three part discussion about why, and how, they decided to do a DPO instead of an Owner Loan Campaign.

Legal Issues in Stage 2

Featuring volunteer labor, capital & equity, hiring staff, more.  With Thane Joyal & Ben Sandel of CDS Consulting Co-op

Member Equity Toolbox

What is  a membership/ownership program? How many owners do we need? How do we set our ownership investment level? Learn about the steps needed to start recruiting owners, and how to grow your ownership level.  See the Capital Campaign Workbook for owner loan campaigns.

Setting Ownership Goals

Growing your owner base is critical. Ownership levels help determine when you do studies, a capital campaign, and open your doors. Learn how to set the right goals.

Marketing for Membership

Marketing and ownership recruitment go hand-in-hand. Use your brand, logo, and materials effectively.

Stop Rolling the Dice With Membership

This webinar discusses how to strategize and prioritize your plans  to build membership through all three stages of food co-op development.

Co-op as Hero: Storytelling for Startups

If heroes are known by the things they do in pursuit of a noble purpose, then your co-op is definitely a heroic force. Learn frameworks and strategies to super-charge your co-op’s story into a narrative with passion, energy, and a shared sense of purpose within your co-op’s community.

Branding Stage 2: organizing & building relationships

From our Branding Time Three series: We have a brand, now how do we use it to grow ownership?

DataBasics: Data Needs for Startup Co ops

In this webinar we look at tools and technologies available to help co-ops manage data: member-owners, capital campaigns, volunteers, and more.

Monadnock Food Co-op: Case Study

From organizing to opening the store–practical insights for all stages.

Hub City Marketing Plan

Hub City Co-op’s comprehensive marketing plan for their Implementation Stage, raising investment and membership funds from the community.