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Legal Primer

Must read – incorporation, articles and by-laws, membership, equity, liability, patronage,  more.

Bylaws Basics I & II

Bylaws establish guidelines for how your organization will run. Learn the best practices for startups co-ops when writing their bylaws.

Insurance 101 for Food Co-ops

Dane Meisler of Kapatoes Insurance Services discusses the insurance needs of health food stores and retail food co-ops at all stages—from startup to store opening.

Taxes and Accounting for Co-ops

Webinar features a CPA sharing tax and financial record requirements and best practices for startups and newly opened co-ops.

Hiring Your First GM

This webinar offers tools and resources to help guide your General Manager hiring process, and offer tips for helping your co-op find the GM you are looking for.

Monadnock Food Co-op: Case Study

From organizing to opening the store–practical insights for all stages.

Shifting Gears to Governance

Board roles shift when staff comes aboard to take on daily tasks an operations. Hear from experts about smooth transitions in broad roles.