New Co-ops Start Here.
Not without your support.

We have impact.

Every new co-op means more than good food for shoppers. It creates jobs in the community and supports local vendors, farmers, and other producers. A co-op may offer a great gathering point through a deli, or classrooms for food and community education.

Individuals own the co-op. These owners work cooperatively to elect a board, set a vision for the startup, and even help decide what type of food will fill the store shelves.

Local ownership. Local control. Building a stronger local economy.

Anyone can shop at a co-op.

But you can help start dozens of new ones by making a donation to Ford Co-op Initiative today.  With your help we can continue to provide free resources and consultation through every stage of new co-op development, from the kitchen table conversations to the grand opening.

Because New Co-ops Start Here.

Food Co-op Initiative is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

New Co-ops Start . . . With You

We want to keep our services and resources free and accessible to startup retail food co-ops. If you have benefited from what's offered here, or want to support others, consider a donation in any amount.

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